What happens when a man dedicates passion to both master planning and building design?

The most polished collection of homes to date.

Once land planning was under his belt, Lew realized that having a versatile selection of plans is key. Reflecting on countless needs to adapt product design to a multitude of lot sizes, regions, topography, and style, he thought of a new “town in a box” concept. Thus, Elements was born.

Elements plans yield to three major lot sizes: 30’ X 60’, 40’ X 80’, and 50 X 100’ making them ideal for developers who seek variety. This also makes them ideal for diversity of price point and age-inclusion.

We offer developers and builders an extensive library of details and specifications that allow for a high degree of craftsmanship to be achieved, while keeping an eye on cost.

Since efficiency is key for our clients, Elements presents the most thoughtful floor plans with multiple elevations per plan. This way, a design is simply replicable for builders and developers, while giving the essence of being the only one of its kind.

This collection fits any geographical region, paying tribute to its name “Elements.”

Using this collection, prototypical configurations for the creation of towns and neighborhoods becomes a comprehensive solution to the complexity of building communities from scratch.