Design beyond sticks and bricks

Buildings have been fundamental sanctuaries for people, both for protection and personal applications, for centuries. Shouldn’t they exist for more than practicality?

Lew knows that buildings evoke emotion and provide for a higher quality of life when designed with excellence.

Birthdays, promotions, first steps, and many other cherished memories take place inside many of his designs. Those moments deserve to be enjoyed inside only the most thoughtful designs. He seeks to deliver environments where people flourish in.

you might have also noticed that he never lost the art of hand drawing.

Every piece Lew produces begins as an original form of art on his drawing board. Each artifact stems from Lew’s distinctive and dignified. Attention to detail begins long before the house is placed on the site.

Life is too short for cookie-cutter.

Each LOI design is unrivaled in detailing, diverse form, harmonic proportion, and pure scale. The only uniting factor being that each is rigorously worked and delivered in a refined state.


Ever heard prospective homeowners say that they know they must sacrifice something on their “home bucket list” before purchasing a house? Not with our plans.

After decades of listening to the needs and desires of homeowners, we’ve harnessed a formula to make an 800 square-foot house feel just as grand as a mansion.

With the belief that many conversations are made in the kitchen, ours feel airy and inviting. Master bedrooms feel like suites, and master baths spa-like. Each one is designed for optimum views, real-life function, and the most creative layouts in the industry.

Custom Houses

Designing where you spend a vast majority of your life is one of the most intimate processes a person can ever go through. But, it can also feel overwhelming. During our custom design process, homeowners appreciate the artful detailing and livability of our designs, allowing for flowing, gratifying decision-making.

No matter the request or client, certain themes persist: elegance, sophistication, strength, serenity, authenticity, romance, urbanity, and even whimsy.

Authentic materials combine with stunning spaces to produce a setting that is distinctive, reflecting intelligence and dignified function.