Yes. Our present collection of stock house plans include the hand drawn elevation also, which makes a fantastic marketing piece for selling!

How can i modify your plans?

We offer minor modification services, such as mirroring and/or addressing site conditions. All requests for modifications come with a written proposal showing drafting fees with a not to exceed fee.

How can i schedule a meeting?

Please email to speak with Elizabeth, who will gladly assist you.


What are some local works of yours?

We have been involved in design and/or town urbanism for Pinewood Forest, Woodstock Downtown, Serenbe, Glenwood Park, Vickery, Roswell Downtown, Avalon, St. Andrews, Manchester, E. Howard Place, Voysey, and more.

how is your pricing structured?

Each project is unique, and we treat them as such. Please email to kick start our conversation about how we can be of help.

does lew consult?

When bandwidth permits (we are a small company!) Lew enjoys consultations for anything from personal homes to general development. Feel free to reach out!